Mobile Waxing Services


Our mobile waxing service in are very comfortable, as well as being very effective in unwanted hair removal.  Waxing is so effective because it not only removes unwanted hair but it also helps remove clogged pores.  Waving also helps to soften roughened skin in areas of course hair on the arms and legs.

Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including the legs, arms, bikini area, face, and back.  Using different types of wax allows for our professionals to customize for the area of hair removal.  New hair will not grow back in the waxed area for two to eight weeks.

Our Mobile Spa professionals use the highest quality wax products available on the market, ensuring a virtually pain-free waxing experience.  Please allow three weeks of hair growth before scheduling a wax removal appointment.

Eyebrow - $15

Lip or Chin - $10

Underarms - $15

French Bikini - $30

Brazilian - $50

Half arm - $20

Full arm - $30

Half Leg - $30

Full Leg - $55